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All the Goals of World Cup 2006
All the Goals of World Cup 2006

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Quantity:  All the Goals of World Cup 2006
In the quest for soccer`s ultimate prize, a total of 147 goals were scored in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.
Misoslav Klose proved a rude host to Germany`s opponents, scoring a tournament best 5 goals to earn the Golden Boot Award as the tournament`s top goal scorer.
Another legendary German striker, Gerd Muller, had his place as the greatest goal scorer in FIFA World Cup history booted from the top spot by Brazil`s ethereal Ronaldo.
The Goal of the Tournament was remarkable as much for it`s dramatics as for it`s flair as Maxi Rodriguez of Argentina provided a chest and volley scorcher in the 98th minute to beat Mexico and send Argentina into the quarter-finals.
Relive the excitement of all 147 glorious goals in this action packed DVD!

Includes DVD Extras: Top Ten Saves, Top Ten Goals.


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