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TactFOOT 2.1 Squad Pack
TactFOOT 2.1 Squad Pack

Price: $500.00

Quantity:  TactFOOT 2.1 Squad Pack

TactFOOT 2.1 Squad Pack


The TactFOOT Squad Pack is the complete team solution for sharing drills and ideas.

The Squad Pack is made up of 1 copy of TactFOOT 2.1 for the coach to create drills and 16 copies of TactFOOT Player for players to view and print drills emailed directly to them from the coach.


Coaches can create drills and practices that can then be emailed to every player on the team who owns a copy of TactFOOT Player. Coaches also have the ability to edit and modify drills already made.

TactFOOT Player

Players can open drills and practices emailed to them. They can only view the drills they cannot modify the content. Full viewing controls are included including increasing and decreasing the speed at which the animation plays as well as pausing and printing.

The TactFOOT Squad Pack is priced at $500 US Dollars. This includes 1 TactFOOT 2.1 Licence and 16 TactFOOT Player licences for the price of 14.*

Additional TactFOOT Players can be purchased separately.

For further information on how the TactFOOT Player can benefit you, your Club, Association and players, please email the TactFOOT team.


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